Early Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics creates solutions for more than just crooked teeth. As a preferred orthodontist for Mission Viejo patients, Dr. Fowler promotes early orthodontic treatment as a way to pave the path for optimum oral health in the future.

Youth Ortho Advantages

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends a child coming in for their first orthodontic appointment around six or seven years of age. Why so young? At this key age, the child’s front teeth are just starting to erupt and the first molars are coming in, so we can see if there are issues such as extensive spacing, crowding, crossbite, or skeletal deformities.

“Early detection of potential mouth problems allows us to proceed with a simple and effective interceptive treatment.”- Dr. Fowler

Early orthodontic treatment allows us to avoid future tooth extractions and oral surgeries. Our patients appreciate the quicker and divided treatment time as well. The children love coming to see Dr. Fowler and out team. The results achieved are amazing!

Kids-Friendly Environment

Our team strives to maintain a fun and easy-going atmosphere for our young patients. From listening to their favorite tunes played on the radio, or enjoying their preferred TV show, our office is ready to assist our little patients in feeling relaxed and at ease.

We take our time with each child and make sure to explain what we are going to be doing. By using this approach, children come to understand each step of the procedure. Nervousness quickly melts away.

“Concerned Parent” Questions:

Is early orthodontic treatment the best option? Yes. Early detection, early prevention, and early orthodontics contribute to your child obtaining overall optimal oral health.

How long does the entire orthodontic process take? Although each patient is unique, typically one year is spent with braces, a few years with a retainer, and then concluding the treatment with braces for 12 to 18 months.

How is oral hygiene encouraged while my child has braces? Our practice utilizes the best materials while we work hand in hand with the general dentist to maintain regular cleanings. Fluoride is used and we even take off the braces wires to obtain a better cleaning.

Are there financing options to make orthodontics affordable? Yes! Whether you have insurance or not, Fowler Orthodontics can work with you! We offer a variety of payment plans and in-house financing to our patients and their families.

In the long run, early orthodontic treatment can save you money and time. As a trustworthy orthodontist in Mission Viejo, Dr. Fowler can assist patients at a young age to obtain the superior oral health care they deserve!